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Condo Hacks: Maximizing Your Living Space

Condo Hacks: Maximizing Your Living Space

Posted:Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Canada’s most populated areas, like Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and Calgary, are undergoing a shift from single detached homes to high-rise or low-rise living. In many cases, occupants are forced to develop creative apartment hacks to optimize their living space. Here are few of those tips.

Stackable/Foldable Tables and Chairs

Many condo layouts have one common area that serves multiple purposes, such as living room, dinning room, television room and office. But you can’t eat off a TV tray forever. Stackable or foldable tables and chairs are an excellent way to conserve space in a condo that cannot accommodate a table set.

Closet Hacks

No one should have to stop buying clothes just because there’s nowhere to put them. You can maximize closet space using multi-layered hangers that hold more than one garment at a time. You can even add a canvas pock door organizer.


Suction cups and corner shelves can be your best friend! No one ever said they wanted less cabinet space in the bathroom. In some instances, there’s little more than a couple shelves behind a mirror to store toiletries and other personal products. Make the most of shower tile and your mirror with holders and shelves that attach with suction cups.

The Bedroom

Living in an average sized condo, your bed is likely the largest piece of furniture in your home. And unless you’re prepared to fight with a Murphy bed like Charlie Chaplin in One A.M., circa 1916, a bed frame with drawers under the mattress is a great investment.

The Kitchen

Magnets are to kitchens what suction cups are to bathrooms. Cupboard space is hard to come by in many kitchens. But there is wasted space in everywhere and it’s up to you to exploit its potential. For instance, be creative with metal lid jars and magnetic plates. Or, even create a rolling shelf as a small DIY project.

Even the smallest rental apartment or condo unit doesn’t have to feel like a box closing in on you. With a tight budget and an eye for saving space, your home can become a spatially efficient reflection of your creativity.   

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