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Incredible Incentives!!

Incredible Incentives!!

Posted:Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Have you ever considered living in a townhouse? There’s no better time to try than right now with MHA Properties. There’s the lure of the nicely kept grounds our communities have, the joy of having your own fenced outdoor space to sit, garden, or kick the ball around in, the satisfaction of having a spacious 3-level townhouse to live in and to entertain your friends. And if the thought of that isn’t enough to move you, we have some incredible incentives right now that will convince you to take the plunge! 

Incredible Incentives! Save $$$ in amazing offers!! 

When you sign a twelve-month lease with us we reward you with a month free. We want you to have the financial freedom to settle in and set up your home the way you want it. Another way that we help you do this is by requiring a drastically reduced damage deposit. We know that moving is a stressful time and we want you to have the peace of mind that financial freedom brings. Instead of a full month’s rent, we only require a $395.00 damage deposit. It’s just another way MHA Properties makes you feel at home. Finally, how does one year of free TELUS Internet and TV sound? If you sign a twelve-month lease with us we will provide you with one year of TELUS Internet and TV. This incentive has a $1,300.00 value. All together these incentives save you thousands of dollars just at the time you need it most.

MHA Properties wants you. We want you to experience the pleasures of townhouse living, to enjoy the stylish, comfortable homes we have to offer, to enjoy the outdoors on your garden patio, all while having the financial freedom that our generous incentives offer. The firm financial foundation offered by a low security deposit, a free month’s rent, and free TELUS TV and Internet makes MHA Properties the obvious choice. 

Call one of our locations today to set up a viewing of your new home. This great offer won’t last forever!