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Love Thy Neighbour! How To Be A Good Neighbour

Love Thy Neighbour! How To Be A Good Neighbour

Posted:Wednesday, July 13, 2016

We all know that our coworkers affect our work more than the work itself. Good colleagues can make or break any job. The same can be said about your neighbours. Being a good neighbour is something we all should take pride in.

Here are a few things to do or keep in mind to be a good neighbour:

Introduce yourself - While it might be awkward, introducing yourself to your neighbours is a great first step. As long as they know your name, it’ll be easier to say hi and make light conversation later on. Just ask a few basics, give a few details, and leave it at that.

Think like your neighbour - While you shouldn’t be directed by your neighbour’s schedule, it’s good to have a general idea of how and when they operate. If you know they work the night shift, maybe don’t have a loud party on a Wednesday afternoon.

Stay tidy and involved in the neighbourhood - Those around you will love you if your house looks great. (It helps make their looks great, too!) For example, keep your yard trim and well-kept, and external repairs up-to-date. Keep your neighbours informed on community events, like garage sales.

Do nice things - If you’re out shovelling or snow blowing, take the extra couple minutes and do their sidewalk as well. If you have an elderly neighbour, offer to clear their driveway. Being kind to your neighbours takes so little time but the reward of a friendly relationship is well worth it.

You want to blossom neighbourly relations; if there’s ever an emergency or something suspicious, you want a neighbour who has your best interest at heart.