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The Rise of Walkable Housing

The Rise of Walkable Housing

Posted:Friday, April 6, 2018

Believe it or not, today's most wanted features of a home - marble counter-tops, a walk-in closet, a bonus room - are actually not what some buyers are looking for. To some, it's all about the walkability of the property and the close proximity of available amenities in the surrounding area. So what does walkability actually mean? Walkability is the extent to which a location is compatible to the presence of people living, shopping, enjoying, visiting, or spending time in an area.

In an age where the demand for metropolitan transit systems and autonomous vehicles are rising, there's no denying people desire more convenience in terms of getting around within their everyday life. People are starting to ditch their motor vehicles and are moving towards public transportation and on-foot travel as walkable urban and suburban areas are readily growing. Millenials are increasingly becoming multi-modal and moving to communities that provide robust public transportation and amenities that are in close proximity. Being walking distance to grocery stores and entertainment facilities isn't a burden for those who get around with their feet.

House hunters today are becoming more car-averse with the rise of fitness culture heavily influencing people to undertake a more healthier lifestyle by walking, running, or biking on their daily commute.  At the same time, the growing number of new residents moving away from smaller urban areas - where walkability has already been firmly established - have shifted their focus to cities that offer larger walkable neighbourhoods and a greater number of amenities at their disposal.

To some, grabbing coffee right next door from where you live is a blessing. To others, its a simpler way to drive business. To everyone, it's just convenient.

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