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Posted:Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Good lighting can literally light up your life. It can make the difference between “nice “and "wow."

So how do you change a space with lighting? Here are some easy tips on how to improve an apartment with smart lighting choices.

Lighting isn’t always about brighter - Sometimes a room doesn’t need more brightness but rather softer or dimmer light. Dim light can set a more intimate mood or set the tone for a get-together. Brighter light is perfect for getting work done. A lamp that can do both is an excellent choice: turn it down when you need to, and turn up the light when you need to get work done.

Consider the bulb - On top of saving electricity, using the right kind of light bulb can drastically change the light in a room. LED and CFLs are both energy efficient and come in a variety of different hues. The soft blue light will give a room a more natural look. Depending on the effect you are going for, certain lights will also enhance colors in your room. LEDs often bring out reds and blues, so if you want to make something pop, consider changing out your lightbulbs. You can also consider smart LED lightbulbs that can be wirelessly controlled by Bluetooth. These smart bulbs can change colors, dim, or brighten using your smartphone.

Decide what kind of lamp your space needs - There are several different lamps to consider depending on what you need. A table lamp and a floor lamp produce entirely different results. A table lamp can be an accent piece as well as a source of lighting, and there are many different styles of floor lamps to fit a bunch of different aesthetics. Floor lamps also typically provide more light to a room, so if you are going for brightness, these might be your answers.

Make use of natural light - Depending on your apartment, you might also need to consider natural light. You can use curtains to limit the light and provide an accent to your room, or open the space to let the light in. Also, make sure you clean your windows often. You would be surprised at how much smudges can affect natural light.